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The International Swiss Engineers, ISE with about 750 members is the leading international engineering association for engineers and architects in Switzerland. Its goal is to foster the exchange between members and to provide a discussion platform for topics related international engineering, all by being a beacon of positive force nationally and internationally.
ISE serves as a bridge between local Swiss engineers, Swiss engineers working abroad and foreign engineers working in Switzerland. We want to join forces in local and international networks across linguistic and cultural boundaries, improve the exchange of knowledge and be a recognized professional association.
The added value for ISE members:

  1. Access to the network of engineers and architects organized in ISE and external third parties

  2. Free or discounted training, conferences and debates on international topics and national topics that have either an international impact or are relevant to our foreign engineers

  3. Offers and discounts presented by companies or/ and organizations to ISE

  4. Possibility to become active and a positive force in the ISE board, if desired

  5. ISE representation in international and local events, when board members are not available

  6. Possibility to work in projects and regional groups, when formed or requested

  7. If desired, being in a talent pool for companies and/or projects looking for resources

  8. Collaboration with the parent association Swiss Engineering and its sections, professional groups and regions in line with international topics

  9. Access to related engineering networks

Swiss Engineering Business School - SEBS


​​​​The ​​Swiss Engineering Business School - SEBS is a project of the ISE association. Training and further education belong to the Swiss Engineering STV's mission. Article 1.2 of the Statutes, which describes the purpose of the association, clearly states that the STV is “committed to high-quality training and further education” and considers further education of its members an important part of its activities. SEBS is an implementation of the Swiss Engineering STV's LifeLong Learning (LLL) strategy, and provides training and continuous education in two areas (IT and engineering business faculties).

SEBS focuses on formal education as well as non-formal education at tertiary level. Our approach is based on a hybrid format of study, including an active participation in Association events, possibility of recognition of previously completed courses and educational programs, as well as close and multifaceted cooperation with companies throughout Switzerland and abroad.


SEBS is heir to the STV's glorious tradition of business engineering & IT education, international activities and career development support. Here an extract from the chronicle:


1926  The very first publications on the STV's contribution to the internationalization of engineering education in Switzerland.



1956 The STV establishes a commission for educational issues ("Kommission für Ausbildungsfragen").

1967 First awarding of the STV prize for the respective best diploma students of the engineering schools (HTL)

1969 The STV advises creating post-graduate studies in Switzerland

1970 1st STV Congress in Biel, topic: "Swiss education in the higher engineering professions".

1971 Promoting the engagement of interested Swiss engineers (HTL graduates) in Third World countries

1975 Foundation of the Institute for Continuing Education of Engineers and Architects (IFIA: Institut für Fortbildung der Ingenieure und Architekten)

1978 Foundation of the STV Software Centre

1979 Swiss Recruitment Agency for Engineers and Architects (SSI) to be placed under the sole responsibility of the STV

1980 Business Engineering as an educational subject in Switzerland was initiated by STV. The first postgraduate course (NDS) for HTL and ETH engineers was carried out in Switzerland (1980-1982).

1984 STV's Management and IT courses are the best-selling trainings for engineers and architects in Switzerland (IFIA-Seminare im EDV-Bereich, Seminarreihe Management für Ingenieure)

1991 8th STV Congress in Lucerne, topic: "From HTL engineer to Euro engineer".

1994 9th STV Congress in Montreux, topic: "The World's Future"

1995 First STV website

1996 Professional journal STZ is designed on the computer for the first time

2000 Participation in EXPO-2000

2006 Dual membership agreement between Swiss Engineering STV and the Association of German Engineers (VDI)

2011 Implementation of the "World Engineers' Convention"

2012 Statements on public consultation: Continuing Education Act (Weiterbildungsgesetz)

2014 Founding of the association "Young Swiss Engineers"

2015 Partnership with "Industry 2025"

2017 Association "International Swiss Engineers" (ISE) initiated by Yury Ovseenko, 

2018 ISE recognized by STV as a specialist group

2020 Launch of the SEBS by ISE President Yury Ovseenko to support members in the time of COVID-19 pandemic. 


SEBS is an educational service powered by ISE and available for all members of the Swiss Engineering STV.




Swiss Engineering Innovation Hub



The Swiss Engineering Innovation Hub – a project of the ISE association – brings together various stakeholders to facilitate innovation and collaboration in the field of engineering. Our key networking activities include:


Organizing events: such as workshops, conferences, and networking events to bring together engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and learn about new developments in the field.

Facilitating mentorship and coaching: we provide opportunities for engineers and entrepreneurs to connect with experienced mentors and coaches who can provide guidance and support as they develop and commercialize their ideas.

Building partnerships: with other organizations such as universities, research institutions, and companies to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Networking with the industry: we help to connect engineers and researchers with industry partners to increase the chances of technology transfer and commercialization of developed products.

Swiss Engineering Innovation Hub aims to create an environment where engineers, entrepreneurs, and researchers can come together to share ideas, learn from one another, and collaborate to turn innovative ideas into real-world applications.





  • Igor Jiang Nen Cai
    FG International Swiss Engineers

  • Yury Ovseenko
    FG International Swiss Engineers

  • Yury Ovseenko
    FG International Swiss Engineers

  • Vasileios Papageorgiou
    FG International Swiss Engineers

  • Alexandr Pavlov
    FG International Swiss Engineers

Yury Ovseenko


Head of the SE Business School

Head of the SE Innovation Hub

Tel.: +41 44 500 89 55

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