🔆🍃 Discover the technology behind renewable energies with us at Mont Soleil! 💡🚀

Immerse yourself in the world of renewable energies and experience a fascinating combined tour of the most modern and largest wind farm in Switzerland! 🌞💨 On this combined solar & wind tour, you'll get an exclusive insight into the facilities for producing clean energy.

Find out how the solar modules on our site work and what technology is behind them. Experienced guides will lead you through the wind farm and show you how clean and environmentally friendly energy is produced from wind power. 💨🌀
During the tour you will also learn more about the technical aspects of energy production, the importance of renewable energy for the environment and how we can create a sustainable future together. 🌿🌎

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🥂 At the end, we invite you to a convivial aperitif where you can exchange ideas with like-minded people!

And best of all: as a member of the Young Swiss Engineers, you can bring a companion along! Share this experience with a friend or colleague.

And don't worry, we are bilingual! The event will be held in German 🇩🇪 as well as in French 🇫🇷.

The tours will be in french and german

13:30 - 15:00 : Führung Wind und Solarpark

15:00: Apéro

Michael Haldimannyse@myswissengineering.ch
Mont-Soleil 178
17.06.2023, 13.30 Ora
17.06.2023, 17.00 Ora
CHF 25,00
CHF 0,00